Token Specifications

A Persystic token, also known simply as a Persystic, serves as the primary unit of account on the Persystic network. It is a native BSC-compatible BEP-20 token that we have expressly built to facilitate transactions on the Persystic platform. Those transactions can be facilitated via the Persystic platform. Persystic, which functions as its own native token, can be bought or traded on the major cryptocurrency exchanges.


20% (600,000,000 Token)

Liquidity and Staking Rewards

60% (1,800,000,000 Token)

Early Contributors

10% (300,000,000 Token)

Marketing and Promotion

5% (150,000,000 Token)

Advisors and Team

5% (150,000,000 Token)

Token name: Persystic Token

Token supply:

Issuance price: 1 PERSYSTIC = US$0.0009 Decimal: 18

Decimal: 18

Burnable: Yes

Specification: BSC